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Asahi Yukizai was founded in March 1945 as a company that built aircraft parts from wood rather than metal which was in short supply. Since then, we have continued to grow with a DNA that founds organic alternatives (wood/plastic) to metal materials. Today, Asahi offer solutions to customers in a broad range of fields in three core businesses; the Valve & Piping Systems Business that started from the manufacturing of world’s first thermoplastic valve, the Resin Business founded in the core technologies of phenol resin polymerization and synthesis technologies, and the Water Treatment & Natural Resources Development Business that pursues the potential of water resources and renewable resources.

Pipes, Fittings and Valves JIS

  • uPVC VP: up to 60°C with 6bar
  • uPVC HI Impact VP: up to 60°C with 10bar
  • CPVC High Temp.: up to 90°C with 10bar
  • Standard: JIS

Diaphram Valves

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